The South Livingstone Raptor Count for the spring migration of 2009 has now begun. First official day of counting began on 15th February 2009. Follow the daily movement of raptors on this blog updated daily by Peter Sherrington.

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22 [Day 84] (Piitaistakis Ridge) Winds were easterly all day varying from NE to SE and never exceeded 22 km/h, the temperature ranged from 3C to 9C and cloud cover was 10-70% cumulus with cirrus developing after 1900. Despite the upslope winds we recorded 20 migrant raptors of 7 species between1055 and 1824, which is again a good movement for this late in the season. Seven of the migrants were Golden Eagles (1 subadult and 6 juveniles) and the juvenile light morph Broad-winged Hawk at 1241 set a new spring record of 8 at the site for the species. It was also a remarkable day for sightings of water birds. At 1026 a flock of 20 American White Pelicans flew high to the west through the Crowsnest Pass and at 1039 the season’s first Common Loon flew high to the east above the Crowsnest Valley. The season’s second Sandhill Crane soared high above the ridge at 1139 and finally disappeared into a thick cumulus cloud, and at 1416 a flock of 38 Canada Geese flew high to the east above the ridge. Two adult Herring Gulls soaring above the ridge at 1508 were a first record of the species for May and at 1710 a Great Blue Heron soared high above the ridge before flapping off to the ENE providing just the 3rd record of the species for the site. The season’s first Western White was the first butterfly seen on the ridge for nearly a week. Because of the continuing movement of raptors I now plan to finish the count on May 25. 12.67 hours (957.8) BAEA 2 (438), NOHA 1 (34), SSHA 5 (125), NOGO 3 (113), BWHA 1 (8), RTHA 1 (210), GOEA 7 (2729) TOTAL 20 (3811)

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