The South Livingstone Raptor Count for the spring migration of 2009 has now begun. First official day of counting began on 15th February 2009. Follow the daily movement of raptors on this blog updated daily by Peter Sherrington.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19 [Day 81] (Piitaistakis Ridge) Early morning fog and light rain began to clear at 0800 and the day’s high temperature was 8.5C at 1000-1100. More rain at 1130 dropped the temperature to 4C and it slowly climbed again to 7.5C at 1600 before snow at 1820 reduced the temperature to 2C by 1900. Winds were strong WSW to W all day, gusting to 76 km/h in the morning and diminishing slightly to gusts of 60 km/h in the afternoon, and apart from a brief clearing to 30% at 1600, cloud cover was generally 70-100% cumulus and stratocumulus all day. In short it was yet another unpleasant day on the ridge. Raptor movement was sparse with 6 birds moving between 1002 and 1645. All birds were juveniles including a dark morph Broad-winged Hawk and a dark morph “Harlan’s” Red-tailed Hawk. 11 hours (920) NOGO 1 (109), BWHA 1 (4), RTHA 3 (197), GOEA 1 (2716) TOTAL 6 (3733)

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